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Drowned Seedlings!

Posted by Rebecca Flynn on Saturday, June 30, 2012, In : Weather 
Well, isn't that just typical! I just put all the seedlings out to harden off for the first time, and within 5 minutes it started to hail and rain heavily! They are all in recycle bins to protect from wind, but they got a good drenching! I managed to put covers over the sweetcorn babies (Cut off pop bottle tops). About 50 plants went out. Let's see how many survive. :-(

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Hello and welcome!

Posted by Rebecca Flynn on Monday, June 4, 2012, In : Weather 
Well, seeing as we decided to start this website up a month AFTER sowing our first seeds, I am frantically trying to upload pictures and fill in the gaps between 10th May 2012 and now (4th June 2012). The weather here has been nothing but rain for the last 3 days, so we haven't been able to get into the garden much, to our dissapointment. But it's 7.40pm, and the sun is just poking through the grey clouds, so hopefully, the weather is going to pick up again. I will continue to bring all the p...
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