Well, as we've planted mainly vegetables out the back, next year we have got to start thinking about flowers for the front garden, as all we have is grass out there, and the path! So I picked up a packet of Hollyhocks, Chater's Double Mix variety. I'm not particularly keen on them, but our local shop was selling them cheap, so I thought why not.
We sowed them on Wednesday, 25th July, 2012 and the packet said 25 days to germinate. We put the seeds is individual pots, and they went straight outside this time (Had enough of this indoor germinating lark).
On the Tuesday, 31st July, 2012, I went out in the evening, to make sure everything was tidy and put away and checked the pots, as I do, and there was a tiny little spot of green! I looked closer, and there were two little leaves, poking out the soil! In only 6 days, one had germinated! Cool.
It is now 3rd August, and another one has come up, so these are going to be fast growers! :-)