How It All Began!

So, we're walking around Tesco's, that's me and my 3 year old, Jess, and we came to the end of one of the fruit aisles, where there was a big display stand of packets of seeds.

'What are they Mommy?' Jess asked me, looking at all the different packets.

'They're seeds sweetheart, for growing different things.'

She looked at me, then back at the packets, then stared back at me again. I could see the cogs whirring in her little inquisitive mind. I smiled, waiting for what I knew was coming.

'What??' she said frowning. 'How??'

'Would you like me to buy some and you can see for yourself?'

Her little face lit up, and with a big nod answered 'Yes Please!'

So, she picked Strawberrys and Sunflower seeds for her first attempt at growing seeds, along with a 'Little Growers Creepy Crawly Mixture of flowers' and away home we went.

Not only her first attempt may I add, but mine also. She had been given some cress to grow at her nursery open day meeting, but she never actually watched and took notice of them. I have never grown anything, ever! In fact this is the first house I have lived in where I've had a garden! And after nearly 4 years here, have never done anything more than mow the grass.

So I thought it would be a nice idea to document her attempts of going organic with her own little website, and as you can see from the tabs above, we have since added to the collection of seeds she is trying to grow.

It will be nice for her to look back and compare how her plants have started out, to how big they get, and if they actually make it to the garden, or our plates for that matter!

Please note, this website is only for fun, and although it is made public for anyone to see, I am not an expert, can only give advice on what little we have done or going to do, and really haven't a clue what I'm doing! :-)

On each page there is a comment box, which I hope you will use if you have any advice, or want to ask anything, but please, I beg no-one starts giving us a lecture on how we should be doing it this way, or any negative stuff, as I'm sure we'll learn. It will be good for her to see what works and what doesn't, so we can try again, doing it differently.

But most of all, if you have a toddler, it would be great to hear off you, so they can compare their plants, and I could put your toddlers pictures on here as well. :-)

Happy planting!



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