Jessies Mini Garden, Autumn King 2 Carrot

19th May 2012

So, we decided we didn't want to put our carrots directly into the ground, and found an old recycling tub to use for our 'carrot plot'.

The type of carrot is Autumn King 2!

We filled it with compost and I made the rows for Jess to sprinkle her seeds into, which she did, very unevenly I must add, and we covered them up, watered them well, and left the tub in a sunny part of the garden, watering daily.

After a couple of days the first shoots came through, and signs of many more on the way! :-)

4th June, 2012

So, these are Jessies carrot seeds so far. I think where we've gone wrong with these is the soil is not going to be deep enough for the carrots to grow to full size. We still have half the packet left, so will try in a deeper bin next time.

Jessies Mini Garden, Autumn King 2 Carrots
Jessies Mini Garden, Autumn King 2 Carrots


Jessies Mini Garden, Autumn King 2 Carrots

21st June, 2012

So the carrots are now 5 weeks old, and getting a little bit more bushier on top! It seems putting them in the container has stopped the slugs getting to them as they are obviously too lazy to climb all the way up and over! LOL  I'm not sure at what point to start thinning these out, as they are really close together, and don't want to stunt their growth.

We also planted the rest of the seeds left in the packet into 3 individual smaller pots, a bit deeper. Here are a couple of pictures below of the 5 week olds.

Autumn King 2 Carrot Seedlings 5 weeks old
Autumn King 2 Carrot Seedlings 5 weeks old


24th June 2012

So, we still had some left over carrot seeds, and decided to put them into some pots, to see how they got on.

They have already germinated and are about 3 days old in the picture on the left.


Sunday, 1st July 2012

So the Autumn King 2 Carrots are still going strong, and are getting a nice, bushy head of hair on them now! You can actually see it over the top of the box! Cool. No sign of orange though.

Autumn King 2 Carrot Seedlings 7 weeks old


We have also cleared part of the borders on the other side of the garden, so decided to thin out one of the buckets she put the remaining seeds in and put them direct in the ground. It was a fiddly job to do, so I hope it was worth it. They seemed to survive the shock of being rehomed anyway! These seedlings are one week old. See pic below.


Carrot Autumn King 2 Seedlings One week old

And that's this weeks Carrots update :-)

Sunday, 8th July 2012

I am actually really pleased with the carrot growth this week. The ones that we thinned out and put straight into the ground have took good and proper and doing well. The container ones are still growing nice and bushy! Below are the 7 week old container ones..

Carrots Autumn King 2 Seedlings 7 weeks old

And the pictures below are the 2 week old ones.

Carrot Autumn King 2 Seedlings 2 weeks old
Carrots Autumn King 2 Seedlings 2 weeks old
Sunday, 29th July 2012
Well, these are chugging along just fine. I don't think these are going to let us down. Growth rate is good! Below are the container ones at 10 weeks on the left, and on the right are the ones in the ground, now 5 weeks old.
Carrots Autumn King 2 10 weeks old
Carotts Autumn King 2 - 5 weeks old



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