Cauliflower Patch Jessies Mini Garden

27th June, 2012

Well, seeing as both Jess and myself like cauliflower, it seemed only natural to sow some seeds to add to our veg collection!

We dug out a patch on the other side of the garden, next to the carrots we had thinned out, and Jess popped all the seeds in. Lets wait and see what happens! :-)

Sunday, 8th July 2012

So they finally germinated, but there are also a lot of other things coming up in that space as well, so keeping this area clear looks as if it's going to be hard work! LOL Anyway, here is a picture below of the little cauliflower seedlings, 1 week old.

Cauliflower seedlings 1 week old.
Sunday, 29th July 2012
Well, I think the cauliflower is doing ok. It's still alive and growing, so that's a start! Here it is below, now 4 weeks old.
Cauliflower seedlings 4 weeks old



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