Sweetcorn Applause F1


Again, our plot for these isn't big, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. :-)

18th June 2012

We decided to try some sweetcorn as Jess loves it, so chose a variety called Sweetcorn Applause F1, suitable for pots, containers and ground.

We'll sow the container ones indoors next week to stagger the harvest time.


Sweetcorn Applause F1


24th June 2012


Onion Bedfordshire Champion

We finally remembered to plant the last few sweetcorn seeds this week as well.

I've put them in the individual modules as these ones are going to repotted into indivdual pots, and it will make transplanting easier.

Sunday, 1st July 2012

Well, this is an interesting update! The seeds planted outside are doing nothing! Zip! Nada! I think they may well have rotted, although they were planted the same time as the cabbage and brocolli, which have both shot through with no problems, so we may have to give up hope on those, but, the ones that we've germinated inside are absolutely flying along!

They only took 3 days to germinate, and the growth rate is astonishing! They have already had to be repotted into bigger pots, and will soon be ready to start hardening off outside at this rate! below are the pictures of them just poking their little heads through.....

Sweetcorn Applause F1 Germinating
Sweetcorn Applause F1 Just Germinating

I know, they really are tiny and hard to see.

And below, at a week old, just been repotted, as their roots were doubling around in those little squares!! Oh, and Jess's odd sunflower seed is in the middle. :-)

Sweetcorn Applause Seedlings 1 week old.

Sunday, 8th July, 2012

Well, the growth rate on these has been very fast, so I put them outside one day to have a taste of the 'outdoors' for a small while, and the heavens opened up and they got totally drenched! There was no point in bringing them back inside, as the damage was already done, but I have since protected them with the cut off tops of 2 litre pop bottles, to protect them from the wind, but they outgrew them in a day, so they are now permanantly outside, waiting for me to finish digging their proper bed in the ground this week.

The ones that we sowed directly into the ground still haven't germinated, and I doubt they will now. It's been too wet and cold for them.

Here are the potted seedlings below at 2 weeks old. And very wet. :-(

Sweetcorn Applause seedlings 2 weeks old
Sunday, 29th July 2012
Well, these started to outgrow their pots pretty quick, so we've now put them in the ground. They seem happier there, and have started new growth, despite the birds and slugs totally shredding their leaves. Here thay are below, now at 5 weeks old.
Sweetcorn Applause F1 Seedlings 5 weeks old



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